Car Rental in Italy

Book your car hire with fully comprehensive insurance, with unlimited mileage and more from Italy’s largest car rental company Maggiore.

It’s that easy:
- Get a quote with all inclusive prices
- Book and receive confirmation and your car rental voucher by email
- Pay the deposit of €42 either online or via bank transfer
- Pay the balance when you collect the car ( must arrive with a valid driving licence and a credit card (debit cards and cash are not accepted)

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Car hire without Surprises
At we work in collaboration with the major Italian car rental company Maggiore. We give you prices with no surprises. You can pick up and drop off your rental car in a different location if you wish, including many of the major airports, ports and city train stations all over Italy.

With (aly), your rental agreement includes fully comprehensive and theft insurance and unlimited mileage. Furthermore there are no excesses or deductible costs in the event of an accident. (There is only an administration fee of €37.25). 

When collecting the vehicle, an amount of €400 will be blocked from your credit card which means that according to your credit limit, you can still use your card whilst on holiday. Other companies block up to €2000. You can collect your car in airports or from ports or train stations in many cities in Italy. 

We offer car rental for those who want a safe and manageable service. 

Book your car with us because:

  • you pay no excess in the event of an accident
  • get comprehensive insurance included in the price
  • free cancellation up to 5 days before the first day of the car hire

What you need to know when renting a car with us

Our prices are with free miles. Moreover, we have made sure that you can collect the car from one place and return it to another - except for between Sardinia and the rest of Italy.

You not only have comprehensive insurance, you also do not have to pay an excess if you damage the car. There is however an administrative fee of €37.25. The same applies if Maggiore has to disclose client identity to the authorities in connection with violations of speed limits, parking regulations, environmental zones, etc.

Order and Payment

When you order the car, sends an order confirmation whilst Maggiore Car Rental will forward you the voucher for the car hire. There is a balance of €42 Euro to be paid to within a time limit which when paid is confirmation of your order. The balance of the car hire fee is to be paid directly to Maggiore Car Rental upon collection of the vehicle, including any additional equipment that you ordered such as child seats etc.

 Cancellation of Booking

You can cancel your booking up to 5 days before the day of hire and we will return the full cost without bank fees or transfer fees. For cancellations of five days or less the deposit fee of €42 is not refunded.

Rebooking is possible up to three days before the confirmed start date of the car hire without incurring a charge.

Collection of the car

Often there are queues at the counter and the formalities can take some time. Usually it takes between half an hour to an hour to complete the car hire collection.  We also note that it possible that the staff at Maggiore only speak Italian. However in the major airport offices it is more likely that they speak English and other languages. For passengers that are delayed, we point out that Maggiore's staff will wait up to an hour after the due landing time (if it is out of office hours), but never later than 2:00am.

Deposit. If the pickup location can take a copy of your credit card details, there is no need to leave a security deposit in cash. Maggiore blocks a sum of at least €400 (depending on the car category and rental period) on the credit card.. We must point out that not all types of cars can be rented with a cash deposit.

Returning the car

The car must be returned as agreed upon booking and as confirmed at the collection. Cleaning of the car is included in the price but is subject to a top-up for cars that are returned in a particularly dirty state. We ask you to remove all your waste from the car when you return it.

Fuel The vehicle must be collected and returned with a full tank of fuel. The fuel level will be stated on the contract upon collection of the car and will be checked by Maggiore when the car is returned. It is important to check this upon collection of the car to avoid any misunderstandings.


Car rental conditions

When you book car hire from Maggiore through, the following conditions apply.

Price includes

  • Free km.
  • Liability (Not for the driver.
  • Collision damage waiver reduction (CDW), that is, comprehensive insurance for damages.
  • SKO - Super-comprehensive insurance. We should make you aware, however, that there is an administration fee to be paid of € 42.70 if there is an incident not involving another party. i.e. damage occurring without other road users involved. This however does not cover the cost of damage to wheels, or the cost of replacement tyres (flat tyres), or damage to indoor materials including seats, steering wheel, mirrors etc caused by carelessness. Please notice KCR below.

  • Theft protection reduction (TPR), Theft and super theft insurance – so there are no excess costs in the event of theft of the vehicle. In the event of theft, the car key should be returned to Maggiore. Please always lock the car and keep the key on your person to avoid theft. Insurance does not cover rental equipment (child seats, GPS etc). In the event of theft, you will be charged for the equipment.
  • Airport Tax (16 %)
  • 22% Italian VAT.
  • PAI Insurance
    This insurance covers the driver. The insurance covers drivers up to 74 years of age. The insurance cost is 10.05 Euros per day plus 16% for airport tax or 12% for railway station tax.


  • Child seat:
    €25.05 euros per day to a maximum of €75.15
  • Booster seat:
    €6,05 euros per day to a maximum of €30,25
  • Rental of snow chains:
    €8,10 euros per day to a maximum of €40,50
  • Rental of Ski rack:
    €38,60 euro per day (payable in Italy) 


  • Collection of the car outside of Maggiore’s office hours.
    It costs approx. €61.00 per car. (see regular office hours for each office on the order form. Any delivery outside of the office hours should be queried specifically and must be confirmed. Be aware that it is not possible to collect a car after 2am.

  • Vehicle's glasses coverage (KCR)
    Glasses insurance is sold exclusively at time of car pick-up. This extra coverage eliminates the deducible in case of glasses damage (2,15€ per day).

  • Domestic one-way drop - off fee
    € 66,70 from/to different City agencies
    € 102,80 from/to Sicily
  • Supplement for additional driver and/or young driver
    A supplement must be paid for an extra driver or for a driver under 25 years of age. Drivers under 25 years of age must pay a supplement on certain car categories of €18,85. If you are under 25 years of age, see Appendix 1 for the price of rental. The minimum age for car rental with Maggiore is 19 years of age and requires that the driver has held a valid driving licence for at least one year. A military licence is not valid. A driver must be at least 25 years old to hire a car of more than 1900 cc. If a driver is only 29 or 20 years old, then they are only permitted to rent a car in Category A & B. If the driver's age is 21-25 years then they can hire a car from the following categories - A, B, C, D, E, U, O, F, X, K, I, or F.
    Additional drivers should be agreed with Maggiore and the cost is 8,07 Euros per day and €56.43 per week.

  • PTI - Personal Travel Insurance.
    The personal insurance supplement covers damage or theft of luggage up to €500.00. It also covers any doctors fee, hospital and support costs up to €5,000. It is not a simple insurance product, we recommend that you read carefully the different maximum coverage before you purchase it (most Northern European travel insurance has better coverage at a lower premium). PTI insurance costs €12.55 per day plus 16% airport tax and 12% for train station taxes.

Note When collecting the car you will be asked under Italian law if you would like to take out the supplementary insurance. If you select to do so, then the charge will be added to your total and charged to your card. There is a €1.92  service charge for this service.

Charges not included in the price (payable in Italy)

There are a number of fees that you may be charged if the vehicle is not returned in the same state as agreed in the contract. You may also be charged fees for extra work carried out by Maggiore in the event of any fines that you incur.

  • The car is to be collected and returned with a full tank of petrol or diesel. If it is not returned with a full tank, there will be a charge of €21.87 Euros, plus the cost of the petrol or diesel to refill that tank charged with a 30% additional cost to cover taxes.

  • You should retain the receipt from Maggiore on collection of the car which confirms the fuel level. Be aware that you may be charged for damage to the engine if you use the incorrect type of fuel for the vehicle.

  • Fees for items not returned
    All cars are equipped with a safety vest, which must be in the car when it is returned. You must return the car key and any rented equipment. If any of the equipment is missing, the following charges apply:
    - car key: €250,00 
    - safety vest: €20,88 
    - snow chains: €80
    - ski rack: €174,00
    - child seat / booster seat: €103
    - GPS Navigator: €290,00.

  • Failure to notify Maggiore if an accident occurs If you are involved in a traffic accident with the rented vehicle, you should return copy of the notification to the Maggiore office when returning the car. If not, a fee of €500,00 will be charged.

  • One way to / from Sardinia
    If you rent the car on Sardinia Island and deliver it to the mainland or vice versa, there is an additional fee of €599.49

  • One way abroad  
    If you rent the car in Italy and deliver it in another country (without having pre-arranged it), there is an additional fee of €2.900,00.


Additional costs:  All unexpected extraordinary expenses that the client has incurred during the car rental are refundable as long as they have been approved by Maggiore Rent S.p.A and invoices must be issued to Maggiore Rent S.p.A


Winter Rental: Snow chains and ski racks are available for ordering during winter (see price list). Snow chains are recommended or strongly advised if you plan on driving in the Alps or in the high Apennines. We recommend that you check the weather forecast before departure, when snow also is falling in the south, even on Sicily and Calabria

IMPORTANT: These cars are examples of the different categories of cars. All cars are equipped with air conditioning. We cannot guarantee a particular model.

NOTE: The above prices for additional services and insurance policies may vary without notice.

For full rental conditions please see Maggiore terms and conditions.pdf (in English)

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